Great service.  Fast, reliable, accurate and friendly.  This female owned business is professional and hip.  I return year after year and am always satisfied.
Yelp Reviewer January 5, 2013

I have known Janet and Gena for several years and would definitely recommend them. They are professional, trustworthy, and their knowledge in their field of work is second to none. I have been a Business Banker in North County for over 10 years and have no reservations in referring my best clients to them. I can promise you that they will be both your CPA and most trusted advisor. Thank you Janet and Gena for everything you do. If you have questions about my review of Littleton and Wennes please give me a call or send me an email.

Chris Fresca
Business Banking
JP Morgan Chase Bank
Yelp Reviewer December 12, 2012

Littleton Wennes are excellent at what they do and provide professional, friendly service. I use them for my taxes and for any other CPA questions I run into. Try them out for your taxes, bookkeeping, payroll, etc. Business or personal, they are the best!
Current Client September 21, 2012

Okay…..so I’m a little slow….like I hadn’t filed my taxes since 2008! Then I get the inevitable warning from the IRS, which this too got put off until the day before its due date……This of course is when I realize I need professional help…….I called everyone in the book…..no one could see me on such short notice….I was desperate,( thoughts of red fox, willie nelson and prison bars weren’t helping). I then remembered YELP. ….which I should have done in the first……would have saved me much heartache and time………I saw the ad and the five star rating for Littleton Wennes tax service and called. Janet took my call and was very patient as I retold my story for the 23rd time that day. I told her of my deadline and SHE said; “Well can you get here within the hour”? I was out the door. I couldn’t believe it……and really didn’t until I got there and she took me in. TOTAL professional service. She had me squared and true the next day!!! I was so amazed I’ve been telling all my business buds and who ever else. Top notch service that went above and beyond.
Yelp Reviewer May 25, 2012

Littleton Wennes CPAs offer the best tax services in North County San Diego. When I was facing what seemed to be a complicated tax year, they were able to sort it all out easily and still find me an amazing refund. I appreciated their help so much last year that I am back again this year! They are honest, organized, straight forward and friendly. Everything I was looking for in accountants. Thank you, Janet and Gena!
Yelp Reviewer February 16, 2012

My wife and I have used Littleton Wennes CPA’s for the past two years to handle both of our businesses tax and personal tax preparation and having had a number of CPA’s in the past, we are very happy with the results, both from a business and professional standpoint and also on a personable level. If there was an issue, it was handled, communication was open and honest, whenever there was a question that needed answering, one was always given or if more details were needed to be investigated, it was handled as well. I have personally recommended their firm to a number of friends and other professionals as well.
Yelp Reviewer December 21, 2011