Professional Bookkeeping.

Full-Service Professional Bookkeeping – Our bookkeeping processes are flexible and customizable to fit any organization. We are able to take your company and break down processes, resulting in accurate and timely financial statements that are simple and easy to understand. Looking at a financial report will no longer mean seeing a page with jumbled information you don’t understand. We make sure each of our clients has a thorough understanding of their financial statements as well as the ability to analyze the data. This allows them to make timely and informed financial decisions. We recommend all our businesses employ our professional bookkeeping services, as they include full-service tax integration. This means we can advise you throughout the year on optimizing your tax liability so there are no surprises come tax time!

Bookkeeping Review – Do you regret hiring a bookkeeper or professional accountant to pay bills, enter journal entries and/or provide financial information to you or your CPA? Unfortunately, it is very common for businesses to hire a bookkeeper and assume they know what they are doing. This assumption could be costing you thousands of dollars without your knowledge. A bookkeeper review is an easy way to make sure your books accurately reflect how your business is doing. This is a very simple process, and a service every small business should employ on an annual basis.