How to choose an accountant.

There are many factors that you want to keep in mind when searching for an accountant for personal or business needs.

Price – Budgets are important to individuals and small businesses, so choosing an accountant with an affordable rate is key to your financial success. If you have any questions about our rates or would like a price quote, please call us at (760) 940-8181.

Size – Some business may benefit from working with a large firm accustomed to working with the needs of larger businesses, while others’ needs are best met with a smaller firm with a more personal touch. We have remained a small firm in order to dedicate our full attention to each customer who walks in our door.

Timing – For what period of time will you be enlisting the help of your accountant? Are you looking for a year-round financial consultant for your business or do you just need some extra help during tax season? Your specific needs will help you key in on what services your accountant will need to provide.

Trust – You wouldn’t give your livelihood over to just anyone. That’s why building a relationship of mutual with your CPA will lead to success in the long-run. At Littleton Wennes, we consider ourselves an extension of your team, keeping your needs at the forefront of everything we do.

Experience – You want to be sure that any accountant you work with is certified, with enough experience in order for you to feel comfortable with their services. In order to be a certified CPA, one must have a bachelor’s-level degree and passed examination in their state to reach certification.

We know that by choosing us to be your personal or business CPAs, you are relying on us to provide a professional service while keeping your needs in mind. We invite you to ask for references and ask any questions needed in order to be sure we’re the right choice for you.