CFO Services.

Part of Your Management Team – Our CPAs have decades of experience working with and for companies from small startups to companies with billion dollar revenues. They have also worked in several different industries and in several different financial environments, including companies operating on limited budgets and those with excess cash to be invested and managed on a daily basis. This experience, combined with the teamwork that CPAs at Littleton Wennes pride themselves on, lend to them being a huge asset on your management team. These services include, but are not limited to, presenting and reporting timely and accurate financial information, treasury duties, assessment of risk and liquidity, economic strategy and forecasting, budgeting and dealing with staffing issues.

Internal Process Review – The most important thing you can do for your business is to protect its financial integrity. As the owner, partner or shareholder of a business you, need to make sure processes are in place that protect you and the financial assets of your company. The Internal Process Review involves an analysis of your internal controls and separation of duties to help prevent an internal financial loss from occurring. An Internal Process Review is the correct first step in preventing a worst-case financial scenario.